Facebook Instant Articles is a tool designed to load faster the website links shared on Facebook. All website users want to convert their website links into instant articles. Many people do not aware of eligibility requirements for Facebook instant articles.

When you try to add a website for Instant Articles without completing the requirements you will an get a Minimal Readership Error. In this articles we will learn what is minimal readership error and how to fix it.

What is Minimal Readership Error?

Actually every website needs a good presence on Facebook to get qualified for Instant Articles. Minimal Readership Means your site does not have a presence on Facebook So you cannot apply until your site get good traffic from Facebook. Simply Minimal Readership is the Traffic Issue. If you you get high traffic from Facebook in last 30 days you will get qualified for IA.


How to remove Minimal Readership ?

To remove Minimal Readership your website need to build a presence on Facebook. Get daily 3000 link clicks on your site by sharing updated articles on Facebook Pages and Groups. If you get daily 3k link clicks, you will get 30000 link clicks in 10 days. Once you achieve this milestone, you can add your domain for Instant articles without any Minimal Readership errors.

Please note that you cannot run advertisements on Facebook to get traffic because it is necessary to get organic link clicks from Facebook to Remove Minimal Readership.

Here is some Eligibility Requirements for Instant Articles;

  • A 90 days old page with no Policy Issues
  • Minimum 10 articles on your website to submit for review
  • Unique and original content on website.
  • Website must have a Privacy Policy, About Us and Contact Us Page.
  • You must be following Facebook content guidelines and Partner Monetization Policies.

If you are unable complete these requirments you can hire a Freelancer who will get the traffic to remove minimal readership error and setup Instant Articles for your blog.



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