Well, life is a thankless struggle. Amidst this struggle, there will be candescent and bright days but there are times when the trip takes its merciless risk on you. Rough, grim, and hard days are each that you face. You need to learn to manage the challenges of life and know how to deal with them. List of Top 5 Online Donation Websites in Pakistan.

Maybe there will be a bad day when you would need moral and fiscal support to do with your education. Maybe there will be a pivotal day when you need plutocrat poorly to fund the treatment or surgery of your loved one. Maybe you’ll find yourself in a situation where you need capital to run your incipiency or enterprise which has a great prospect to change your life ever. Or perhaps you run a small charitable association that has noble pretensions ahead to serve the depressed people of the society and to execute your end you need finances incontinently.

Raising finances for a particular cause, education, charity or business has come easier than ever. Crowd backing is an online platform that allows someone in a developing country to attract a huge crowd of people for donations via the internet to raise finances. A backing target is established and prices to benefactors are offered.

Pakistan has an amazing eventuality of starting its sustainable digital platforms. The country has the advantage of having a competent and energetic youth pool. According to Advanced Education Commission Pakistan, each time IT graduates pass from the country’s top Universities.

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Pakistan’s IT and telecom sector is going through an evolutionary process with new technologies being released, acclimated, and applied in every aspect of life. Digital technology at present has come to an important tool and its application isn’t limited to simple communication presently. Crowd backing is a new concept but it has gained immense fashionability among the tech-smart people of the world. It’s a process through which entrepreneurs, charities, scholars, artists, or the indigent use the online platforms to raise plutocrats for a specific design or business adventure.

The Process of crowdfunding is relatively simple. There are multitudinous crowdfunding websites with different types of backing options. Then we’ve enlisted 5 dependable Pakistani Websites that follow different models for collecting finances and some of them may only support a specific field.

List of Top 5 Online Donation Websites in Pakistan

  • 1 – Transparent Hands2 – Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital

    3 – Edhi Foundation

    4 – Insaniyat Foundation Pakistan

    5 – Al-Mustafa Welfare Society

1-Transparent Hands

Quick and Easy Way to Save Peoples’Lives
Transparent Hands is in the first position in our List of Top 5 Online Donation Websites in Pakistan. Transparent Hands finances surgeries of poor cases using a global Crowdfunding platform. The platform provides visibility of poor cases and builds a particular and trusted bond between cases and benefactors while icing complete translucency.

Where Is the Problem?

Further, 70 million people in Pakistan are living below the poverty line due to which they’re unfit to suffer proper health treatment if they witness any complaint. The estimated quantum of surgery backlog in Pakistan is in millions every time.

There aren’t numerous health insurance plans for depressed communities. They’ve to pay out of funds if they need any medical treatment but due to the limited or no coffers, maturity is unfit to suffer surgical treatment.
Beyond the cost of the surgical procedure, they might have to pay for pre-andpost-operative charges which include medical tests, specifics, sanitarium stay, and other charges. It’s nearly insolvable for someone who earns lower than$ 2 a day to pay a hefty quantum for medical relief.

There’s a lack of advanced medical installations and medical professionals due to which lower-middle-class families are unfit for mileage treatment installations.

There are a limited number of beds in hospitals but the number of cases visiting these hospitals is a lot further.
Every alternate case including a child is put on a long waiting list and during the staying period, the case’s health further deteriorates. In the utmost of cases, cases expire until their turn comes.
There are no advanced healthcare services in slums due to which maturity of people has to calculate on quacks in their areas.
Private hospitals are out of reach for the deprived community due to the high costs of discussion freights and surgical procedures.

Our Part
Committed to Give Free Surgeries to Those Who Can not Go
Transparent Hands is a non-profit association that is diving into this major healthcare issue of Pakistan with the help of fundraising through its unique Crowdfunding platform. It’s registered under Trust Act 1882 as a Trust Organization with a Duty Impunity status under composition 2 (36) in Pakistan. Transparent Hands is registered in USA EIN assigned47-3564801 as Transparent Hands Foundation US, Inc. with duty impunity status 501 (c) 3.

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Transparent Hands conducts the surgeries of meritorious cases free of cost at private hospitals with the help of donations and charity. Benefactors from all over the world can use our online Crowdfunding web gate if they wish to contribute. They could elect any case, fund the surgery and admit regular feedback and updates until the case is recovered fully.

Our stoner-friendly online fundraising work is as follows
Choose the case whose surgery you want to fund.
Choose from some payment styles at your convenience.
Contribute to that particular case and get duty impunity.
Get regular updates of that case until he/ she gets completely recovered.
What makes us unique is; our translucency position which means benefactors will be assured that each penny they’re giving will be spent on the indigent case. We do this by uploading all the sanitarium bills and other documents of our case after his/ her surgery is successfully conducted. The patron can see that the exact quantum sanitarium has charged against the surgery of that particular case.

2 – Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital
Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital is in an alternate position in our List of Top 5 Online Donation Websites in Pakistan. “ To act as a model institution to palliate the suffering of cases with cancer through the operation of ultramodern styles of restorative and palliative remedy irrespective of their capability to pay, the education of health care professionals and the public and perform exploration into the causes and treatment of cancer.” Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.

Contribute any quantum of your choice or be a sanctioned online fundraiser of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre by following these simple companion lines

  • Step-1 Subscribe up

    Step-2 Produce your fundraising runner

    Step-3 Contribute and pass it on to your musketeers If we all do a little, we can do a lot!.

Numerous youthful innocent lives are being saved at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre. Last time, your Zakat made it possible to treat nearly 75 of their cases for free. This time they need5.5 billion rupees to help those who can not go to pay for their treatment. While the profit from the Hospital’s services has always, and continues to be, employed for their expansion systems, it’s your Zakat that’s the stopgap of life for their poor cancer cases. Contribute freehandedly to SKMCH&RC this Ramadan and help us keep this stopgap alive. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre

Their leadership brings together times of experience and moxie with the charge of fighting cancer and unknown commitment to patient care, education, and exploration.

Clinical Services
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre offer a complete range of health care services. Find a clinical service below by searching their Departments.

Anesthesia Department at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre provide anesthesia to a wide variety of surgical cases inside the four operating apartments.

Installations & Services
Anesthesia is also handed in an MRI suite, where a state-of-the-art MRI-compatible anesthesia machine and monitoring is used for the safe conduct of the individual test. Sedation and anesthesia are handed in the Endoscopy unit for either Gastro-esophageal or pulmonary interventions. Sedation and anesthesia are also handed for vascular coiling and neuro-interventional radiology. Other areas for exertion are sedation for Radiation simulations in children in the dept. of Radiation Oncology. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.

Their practice is as wide grounded as are the demands for anesthesia conditions in different specialties and varied locales throughout the sanitarium. The dept. is well equipped with the rearmost tools to safely conduct anesthesia and sedation. Operating apartments are equipped with utmost ultramodern anesthesia machines with the vacuity of invasive monitoring, they’re in the process of streamlining all the aged outfits in the operating apartments and the PACU (post-anesthesia care unit) to the most ultramodern outfit available.

A wide variety of interventional pain procedures including Radiofrequency Whim-whams and Common Ablations as well as endless neurolysis for cancer pain are routinely performed. Interventional Pain Service with devoted pain nanny provides a wide variety of results to cases in ramify pain.

Systems of SKMT
The Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust realizes its liabilities in the fight against cancer and thus, it has established several centers each over Pakistan that help in the mindfulness, opinion, and treatment of cancer in Pakistan. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (Lahore, Pakistan), the first specialized cancer installation in the entire region with all the cancer individual and remedial installations under one roof, was inaugurated on December 29, 1994.
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (Peshawar, Pakistan), erected according to the rearmost transnational healthcare norms, was inaugurated on December 29, 2015.
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (Karachi, Pakistan) Land Awarded, Planning in progress
. Outreach Cancer Screening Clinics

  • Shaukat Khanum Walk-In Clinic (Karachi, Pakistan)
    . Shaukat Khanum Walk-In Clinic (Peshawar, Pakistan)
    . Shaukat Khanum Walk-In Clinic (Lahore, Pakistan)
    . Shaukat Khanum Walk-In Clinic (Multan, Pakistan)
    . Individual Centres
    Shaukat Khanum Diagnostic Centre (Lahore, Pakistan)
    . Karachi Diagnostic Centre and Clinic (Karachi, Pakistan)
    . Their Services

As one of the largest cancer care centers in Pakistan, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre offer a complete range of health care services including clinical, individual, out- case, and others.

3 – Edhi Foundation
Edhi Foundation is in the third position in our List of Top 5 Online Donation Websites in Pakistan. Edhi Foundation is the single stylish foundation across Pakistan and one of the stylish social weal service providers across the world running on a non-commercial, non-political, and non-communal base, serving round-the- timepiece without any demarcation of color, class, and creed is enjoying exclusive credentials in the shape of awards and securities conferred upon Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi andMrs. Bilquis Edhi by governmental and-governmental associations on public and transnational position for rendering their exemplary services to humanity in multidimensional fields. Edhi Foundation – A Non Profit weal Organization.

The diversified fields in which Abdul Sattar Edhi played his topmost part for; saving the lives of thousands of invigorated babies by placing the cradles outside the Edhi centers, fostering the abandoned babies and children, free nurturing impaired and hindered people, free caring and feeding women and senior people who were subordinated to torture or neglected by their families, free supporting to ailing cases by furnishing free drug and drugs through his mobile drugstores, hospitals, and the diabetic center at Karachi.

Besides over, he also served humanity by offering his services by, furnishing free specialized education to indigent people to make them tone sufficient through the specialized knowledge and chops, furnishing religious education to the children to make them the stylish mortal beings, furnishing consultancy on family planning and motherliness services, furnishing free blood and tube to the underprivileged people, furnishing free sanctum, food, and minding to mentally retarded people, minding by giving sanctum and food to orphan and helpless children.

Services to humanity were rendered by Abdul Sattar Edhi and his partners. Bilquis Edhi noway ends then, he played his part in some further areas — similar as; handed free legal aid to bail out or the captures from the incarcerations, fiscal and medical support to the captures, handed pillars, and sympathizers to the hindered people, and gave exclusive free bathing and shrouding services to unclaimed dead bodies, so on and so forth. All these services are so important exceptional that Edhi Foundation’s part can truly be attributed to an unknown illustration of services to the nation and country of Pakistan as well as humanity, across the globe.

  • Edhi Foundation – A Non Profit weal Organization
    Ambulance Service
    Child Relinquishment Center & Childcare Services
    Edhi Homes & Orphanage Centres
    Educational Service
    Ambulance Service

Edhi Land Ambulance Service was originally started by including an alternate hand Hillman Pickup Truck and that was refurbished into the first ambulance, thereby coining “ Poor Case Ambulance”. Now sixty times after, the Edhi ambulance has reached the stage of the largest line of ambulances in the world, thereby furnishing with a tantalizing number of ambulances — similar as 1800 vehicles, each over their country – Pakistan.

Child Relinquishment Center & Childcare Services
The history of establishing the Edhi child relinquishment center and childcare services dates back to 1949. Mrs. Bilquis Edhi is supervising and looking after the caring and feeding of babies and children. For this purpose, exclusive cradles have been placed outdoors all Edhi Centres, across the country to keep the abandoned and illegitimate babies in these cradles.

Substantially these abandoned invigorated babies are handed to the childless couples, who agree with their programs, after icing that they’re completely justified and exactly suitable for this noble cause. Bilquis Edhi, after fully going through the background of the couples, and bearing a rigorous webbing process decides that the couple or the family is precisely suitable for the baby’s relinquishment.

Periodically, Edhi Foundation is giving over 250 babies or children for relinquishment. To date, over babies and children have been handed to childless couples and families.

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4-Insaniyat Foundation Pakistan

Insaniyat Foundation Pakistan is in the fourth position in our List of Top 5 Online Donation Websites in Pakistan. IFP is an aNon-Governmental-Organization established to bring about change in our society. The foundation is aimed to motivate youth, help poor people, give quality health, Blood Bank, mindfulness programs & free medical camps.

ANon-political &Non-profit association was established to bring about change in our society. IFP is on the way forward in achieving the stylish results during disasters and peacetime systems to include Health, Blood Bank, Awareness Programs, Free Medical Camps, Education & Capacity Building – this is the core docket of Insaniyat Foundation Pakistan – IFP
The idea was conceived in 2014 and the launching form of the foundation took place on 27th November 2015 at Victoria Hospital Bahawalpur, which was attended by nearly all the members of an association, media institutes, and people from all walks of life.

Serve Humanity for Good Beget
To ameliorate the quality of living standard of the deprived, vulnerable and marginalized communities, women & children in particular areas by education, healthcare, terrain, gender equivalency, community physical structure, skill development, capacity structure, public health & mindfulness Forums on a sustainable base.

  • Ideal
    Furnishing quality Health
    Organizing Free Medical Camps.
    Furnishing Medicines to indigent People.
    Blood Bank Service.
    Free scan at Affiliated Hospitals.
    To help medicine dependence in the target area
    Free Blood ( Different) tests at Camps.
    Taking sweats for development of our Townlets and Metropolises.
    Organizing Medical Forums for mindfulness.
    To promote quality education both academic & specialized in underprivileged communities.
    5-Al-Mustafa Welfare Society

Al-Mustafa Welfare Society is in the fifth position in our List of Top 5 Online Donation Websites in Pakistan. Al-Mustafa Welfare Society is one of the most estimable-profit weal associations in Pakistan working for social development and furnishing relief to low-income groups since 1983. It’s run by a platoon of largely motivated intellectualists and social workers comprising Croakers, Masterminds, Attorneys, Business Directors, and Representatives of colorful fields of life. Al-Mustafa’s branches are working each over the country from Kashmir to Karachi. They’re furnishing Health, Education, Public Awareness, and Emergency Relief Services. Al-Mustafa is serving thousands of poor people on a diurnal basis through its Medical Centers, Conventions, Seminaries, Kirks, Madrasahs, Orphanage, Vocational Training Centers, and Skill Development Centers each over the country.

Piecemeal from Al-Mustafa’s routine services to humanity, Al-Mustafa is always among the main contributors whenever people are in need in case of any disaster like Earthquake 2005, Flood 2010, 2011, and 2012. With the support of their workers, levies, and benefactors, Al-Mustafa Trust has always been there to deliver people from disaster, handed them canopies, food, pottery, temporary seminaries, medical camps, drugs, and anything different that could be demanded. They’ve also handed sanctum homes to the victims of colorful disasters.

Free Medical Camps
Al-Mustafa Welfare Society regularly organizes Free Medical Camps each over Pakistan in areas where people can’t indeed go their routine check-ups. Free Medicines are also handed to the cases in Free Medical Camps. There are different types of Free Medical Camps as follows.

General Free Medical Camp
In General Free Medical Camp, General Physician does check-ups of cases and they’re handled with the specified drugs. Some examinations as also done similarly as sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI, etc.

Emergency Medical Camp
Emergency Medical Camps are organized whenever any disaster occurs anywhere like Earthquake 2005, Flood 2010, 2011,

Free Eye Surgeries Camp
In Free Eye Camps, Eye Specialist does check-up of cases and they’re handed prescribed drugs. In these camps, numerous Cataract cases are planted and Cataract Surgeries are performed free of cost of all the cases planted in the camp.

Free Cleft Lip Palate Camp
In Cleft Lip & Palate Camp, Plastic Surgeons does check-ups of cases who have problems with Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate, and their surgeries are performed free of cost.

Memorial Citation

1. Pakistan Red Crescent Society


The Pakistan Red Crescent Society was established on 20th December 1947 By Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah by an order called “ Pakistan Red Cross Order” under the Act. of 1920. The Society is officially honored by the Government of Pakistan, as a voluntary relief association and a supplementary to the public authorities, further, particularly to the Medical Services of the Armed Forces in agreement with vittles of the Geneva Conventions. The Society draws its strength from the Red Cross/ Red Crescent Movement and its International cooperation with the Parent Body, videlicet “ International Federation of Red Cross/ Red Crescent Societies” (IFRC) and “ International Committee of Red Cross” (ICRC) Geneva. List of Top 5 Online Donation Websites in Pakistan.

Its exclusive philanthropic charge is to help the most vulnerable people and cover the quality of the suffering humanity during the war, conflict, natural, and man-made disasters. In reconciliation it also carries-out Disaster Management (Preparedness, Response/ Relief & Threat Reduction), Health Care, Youth Conditioning, Exigency Levies Corps, Training at public and transnational situations. Also, the Movement spreads mindfulness about International Humanitarian Law, Humanitarian Diplomacy and endeavors to promote philanthropic values for Global Peace. It has a total of 190 countries as members of the Red Cross/ Red Crescent Movement in the world. The Red Cross has an endless status in the United Nations as a bystander.

  • Vision
    Savings lives, uniting people, and changing minds for healthy, safe, and flexible communities.
    Leading philanthropic Organization of Pakistan, committed to helping and palliating mortal suffering by marshaling the power of humanity.
    Mobile Health Units (MHUs)

The Pakistan Red Crescent Sindh Branch seeks to give accessible, affordable, and quality health care to the population in pastoral & inapproachable areas, especially the vulnerable sections. Given the status of the public health structure in our State, it isn’t possible to give the asked services till the structure is sufficiently upgraded. Factors negatively impacting in delivery of health services through being public health institutions are as follows

Distance of remote townlets from public health institution
Geographical walls to reach out to similar pockets
Lack of inadequacy in a public transportation network
Lack of health mindfulness & health knowledge among people hinders in penetrating health services on their own.
No exclusive medical platoon to reach out to these underprivileged sections.
Mobile Health Unit (MHU) in our health delivery system is designed as an indispensable model of pastoral health care delivery for a specified area with an allocated platoon of health professionals with supporting outfits & medicines. It’s imaged to give preventative, promotive & restorative health services in the inapproachable areas which are served/ underserved under usual circumstances.

The provision of a mobile health unit with an ambulance has been planned for deluge affected areas. PRCS, Sindh Branch is furnishing introductory health care services through the field and mobile health structure to the remote and hard to reach areas of Sindh Province.

Crowd backing platforms support all kinds of communal systems, environmental systems, business systems, and social justice issues to give an occasion for people to get backing or donations for systems that can truly have an impact on lives who are really in need.

As IT technology has developed a lot numerous doors to openings are opening up. The traditional ways of doing effects are changing every day. Crowd backing is an arising trend in the business world, especially for technology-related assiduity and it’s gaining fashionability encyclopedically. According to Allied crowd statistics, Pakistan presently ranks 22 among developing countries on the crowd backing front with a periodic estimated run rate of$5.4M.

Right now there aren’t important crowdfunding websites in Pakistan but looking at the current trend we can prognosticate that this conception has the implicit to get popular which will surely change the backing script for the launch-up community in the country.

Crowdfunding has changed the conventional ways of arranging finances for systems applying for a loan is a procedure that’s time-consuming and preparing all the paperwork is long and tiresome. Then Crowdfunding offers a lot of conveniences as registering on any crowd backing platform is much easy. Again there’s no threat involved with crowdfunding.

Crowd backing can be the rescuer for the middle-class population of the country who don’t have sufficient to bear the day-to-day charges of living rather they suffer when there’s a demand for redundant plutocrats due to unwanted incidents or unforeseen requirements.

Crowdfunding can be a big stopgap to the youthful middle-class entrepreneurs who have the gift and energy to start their own business but frequently fail due to the lack of sufficient capital or investors. Crowdfunding can help the charities to reach their benefactors indeed more fluently now and collect essential finances to support their associations.


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