Meezan World Debit Card Features And Benefits

World Debit Mastercard is a premium Debit Mastercard that is linked to your bank transaction. you can debit money from this account to make purchases. Meezan World Debit Card is accepted all over the world. If you want to go abroad you can use it. Meezan World Debit Card for purchases and withdrawing cash at ATMs.Travelers can get benefit a lot because of the world Master Tablet Card.

There is no need to buy foreign currencies. It is a safe and secure way for buying. People can easily pay hotel bills,
shop and dine out The Meezan World Debit Card can be used at any ATM. This card is linked to your bank account, so you can easily transfer funds from your account to the card. You can also use this card to make payments for purchasing and buying goods and services.

Introduction Meezan World Debit Card:

Meezan Bank is Pakistan’s first and largest Islamic bank which was established in 1997. It started operations in 2002. Irfan Siddiqui is the President and CEO of Meezan Bank. Its network consists of over 650 online branches in more than 180 cities in the country.


Meezan Bank has also introduced various innovative products and services that are designed to fulfill the needs of people. These products include car financing, Islamic investment products, etc. The bank also offers a range of financial services, such as online banking, mobile banking, and many more.

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Meezan World Debit Card Benefits


Here are various benefits of the Meezan World Debit Card. We will discuss each feature in
1. Mobile App management
2. Enhanced security
3. Discounted offers
4. Higher spending limits
5. Worldwide acceptance
6. Easy to use

1. Mobile App management

You can easily connect your World Debit Card with your mobile app and also can activate and
deactivate this app whenever you want.


2. Enhanced security

The Meezan World Debit Card protects your funds against any fraud and suspicious activities. The card consists of a 3D security system equipped with a chip and PIN technology. it also provides protection services, such as fraud monitoring protection. It keeps the customers’ data safe and secure because it provides totally secure and reliable banking services.

3. Discounted offers


Meezan World debit card offers fantastic discounts and privileges throughout Pakistan and

4. Higher spending limits:

The Meezan World debit card gives you a Higher spending limit
usage limits
1. Daily limit of Rs. 3,000,000 for purchases
2. withdrawal limit Rs. 500,000 for cash.


5. Worldwide acceptance:

The Meezan World debit card is accepted at millions of points outlets, online stores and
ATMs globally.

6. Easy to use


it is easy to manage financial activities And Customers can access their accounts anytime,

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Meezan World Debit Card features

Here are some key features of the Meezan World Debit Card
1. It is Free for Premium customers
2. 2 million ATMs services available in more than 200 countries
3. Daily spending limits:
● Meezan Bank and Other Bank ATM Cash Withdrawal limit will be Rs. 500,000
● POS & E-Commerce limit will be Rs. 3,000,000
● Internal Funds Transfer limit is Rs. 3,000,000
● Inter Bank Funds Transfer limit is Rs. 3,000,000
● RAAST Internal Funds Transfer limit will be Rs. 3,000,000


Which purpose is used for world Debit Card

1. international purchasing.

2. cashback offers.
3. online purchasing

cashback offers.

Meezan World Debit Card offers cashback on some selected purchases. It means that you can
get a percentage of your purchase amount and also can maximize your savings.

2. Online purchasing

If you want to do online shopping You can also use this card for online purchasing.
3. international purchases.
Whenever you go abroad you can use this card for international purchasing

How to get information

You can contact on the following numbers For further queries and Information.
Phone: +92 (21) 38103500 & +92 (21) 37133500
Fax: +92 (21) 36406049


No doubt Meezan bank is known as the Best Islamic Bank in Pakistan. the Meezan bank operates
strictly under the principles of Islamic Shariah. Meezan bank plays a critical role to make
banking easier and more convenient for customers. The Meezan World Debit Card is a great
way to manage financial activities.

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