How to Setup Monetization in Facebook Instant Articles

The last step in Facebook Instant Articles Configuration is to set up monetization. In this step you have to accept Facebook Partner Monetization terms and conditions and add your Payout details.

When you click on setup monetization and accept terms, a developer app will be created automatically by Facebook audience network. After accepting terms and conditions you have to add your payout details with name and Address date of birth and tax identification number. click on next to add your bank details or attach Paypal etc.

What is Audience Network App?

Facebook serves ads with Audience Network which allows partners to show ads in instant articles. Audience Network app will be created automatically when you setup monetization. An Placement ID will be created once you get approved for Facebook Instant Articles.

When you setup monetization, You can submit your Articles for review. Your application will be approved within 12 hours.

Once approved, You can find your Ad placement ID in Creator Studio, Instant Articles Monetization tab. Just copy Ad placement ID and paste in Instant Articles Plugin Ad settings.


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