Facebook Instant Articles is the future of web monetization. Facebook allows CPM based advertisements with thier Audience Network Ads. The process to setup Facebook Instant articles seems very easy just like drinking a glass of water. You need an eligible page and a website which need to have a good volume of traffic from Facebook. You are ready.

How to get started with Instant Articles ?

Here is how you can check eligibility and apply for Instant Articles

Step 1 First of all Go To Creator Studio and open Monetization Tab


Step 2 In Monetization Overview click on Check eligibility of your Pages and a list of your pages will appear.

Step 3 Choose an eligible page and Click Setup on the next of instant Articles.

Accept Terms and Condition and move to next steps. There is 4 Important steps after accepting Terms and Conditions.


1 Claim Domain

It means you have to verify that you are the owner of domain. To verify owership of the domain you have to add given Page ID or meta tag in your site.

If you are WordPress user, You can Install official plugin to add page ID in settings.
Non-Wordpress users can copy Meta Tag and paste in their site’s Header.

Once you add Page ID or meta tag in your site, You can successfully claim domain.


Read Full Article about How to Add domain

2 Configuration of Style

This is Instant Articles design to show your articles on Facebook. You have to Add a logo here and leave other settings as default if you don’t need custom colors and fonts etc.

Read Full Article About Instant Articles Layout and Design.


3 Add Production Articles

Facebook fetchs your website articles with a unique RSS feed generated by plugin. If you are using WordPress plugin, You can add RSS feed like this

Here is Full Article How to Add RSS feed in Facebook Instant Articles.

4 Add Development Articles

This is an optional setting same like Production articles and you can ignore this step and go ahead.


5 Setup Monetization

After completing these 4 steps the finally you have to Setup Monetization. Just Accept Monetization Terms and Conditions and Add Your Payout details. You can add your Bank Account and Paypal etc to get your Earnings.

Now Submit for Review button will be available and You Can Submit for review. The Facebook Team will review your articles and you will be approved within 24 hours if your site accepted for Instant Articles.

Check the status of page, Open Creator Studio, Monetization Overview, under Your Monetization tools your can see insights of your Instant Articles.


After approval don’t forget to add your Ad placement ID in plugin settings. you can get your Placement ID in Instant Articles Insights and Settings in Monetization tab of Creator Studio.

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