Payoneer is the global payment solution for Freelancers and Online Businesses. Freelancers using Payoneer as a Primary Payment Method. The Global Payment Services Provides solutions to receive USD, EURO and GBP funds and Withdraw in Local Currency.

Payoneer users can withdraw Payments directly to local banks but there is a limit of 150$ to withdraw funds in the local banks. Sometimes we need to withdraw a small amount below 150$ but we cannot do it due to the withdrawal limits.

Now JazzCash provides the minimum withdrawal limit of 1$. You can withdraw small amounts from Payoneer with JazzCash. JazzCash is an official partner with Payoneer. Once you link your Payoneer with JazzCash, You can withdraw any amount from Payoneer to JazzCash.


How to Link Payoneer with JazzCash

Simply log in to your JazzCash account and click on the Payoneer icon. It will redirect you to the Payoneer Login Page. Log in with your Payoneer username and password and accept terms and conditions. Once you log in and accept terms and accept terms, The Payoneer will be linked with JazzCash.

Now You can see your all Payoneer balances in JazzCash App and you can select any balance and any amount to withdraw. Funds will be instantly transferred to your JazzCash wallet. No need to log in to Payoneer, Funds will be deducted from Payoneer when you withdraw from the JazzCash app. JazzCash to Payoneer charges is 2%.


JazzCash will charge 2% transfer charges from the amount you withdraw. For example, if you withdraw 100$ you will get 98$ in your wallet. JazzCash gives you the best exchange rates rather than banks that charge 2% as the exchange rate.


JazzCash allows you to transfer funds to the bank for free after you withdraw from Payoneer.

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JazzCash to Payoneer funds transfer is very fast and funds will be instantly added to your JazzCash wallet when you withdraw from Payoneer. Sometimes due to technical errors funds maybe not be received quickly, In this case, you can call JazzCash helpline no 4444 for more assistance.


If you have any questions about Payoneer and JazzCash feel free to comment below.



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