How to add RSS feed in Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles configuration moved to Creator Studio and adding production articles become dificult for new users. In this article we will learn how to add RSS feed in order to import articles in Facebook production.

In 3rd step where you have an option to add production articles. But if you click, It shows an error occurred when trying to add RSS feed.

How to Fix RSS feed Error ?

First of all you have to copy your RSS feed for the domain you claimed for instant articles. If you have installed official WordPress plugin. The plugin will generate a unique RSS feed like this;


Copy above feed link by replacing with your domain name and open Creator Studio.

In Creator Studio, go to Content Library, In Content Library you can see your Posts, Videos Images, Links etc. You can see your Instant Articles too. Your Published and Unpublished Instant articles appear here in content library.


Click on Instant Articles in Content library and select your page. On the right side of Page name, You will see settings Icon. Click on settings and add your RSS feed in Production RSS feed Box.

Note: Do not add anything in Development RSS feed. Its optional.

If still any error occurred adding production Feed, Just check on ” import as draft ” and your RSS feed will be added successfully.


After adding RSS feed. update your articles in your website Or add some new articles to import all articles in Facebook Production via RSS feed.



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