Facebook Instant Articles allows running custom ads from third-party ad networks like Google Ads Manager, Ezoic and Double Click for Publishers.

Normally everyone uses Facebook Audience Network ads to monetize their Instant articles. Audience Network ads are easy to integrate, Just put a code or placement ID in your blog and ads will be live automatically. Audience Network Ads are impression based Facebook Ads only. Some publishers want to monetize their articles with CPC based Ad networks instead of Audience networks. In this case, they need advanced Integration to add custom ads in Facebook Instant Articles.

How to add Custom Ads with WordPress?

Instant Articles for Wp the official WordPress plugin do not allow advanced settings to add custom ad placements. There is a Premium WordPress Plugin for Facebook Instant articles called “Wp Native Articles“. We need to buy ” Wp Native Articles Pro “ to add custom ad placements. Wp native article comes with many advanced features. You can create a custom RSS feed slug and add all kinds of analytics like Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixels. Add related articles and embed videos in articles.


How to get Wp Native Articles?

You can buy Wp Native Articles from their official website. It costs 49$ only for a single website, and unlimited access to this plugin costs 129$.

You can get a 50% discount if you buy from us.

Configuration Wp Native Articles.

After installing Wp Native Articles plugin, you can access the configuration dashboard in WordPress. Copy your Page ID, Ad Placement and Analytics codes from the old plugin and add in Wp Native Articles.


Ep Native Article Premium

Before you add any custom code in Ad settings, make sure the ad networks comply with Facebook policies, terms and conditions.

Add your custom ad code provided by your ad network in Wp Native plugin ads settings.


Now deactivate the old plugin Instant Articles for Wp and continue with Wp Native Articles.
Once you deactivated the old plugin, copy the RSS feed provided by Wp Native Articles plugin, add it to your Facebook Page.

RSS feed Wp Native Articles

Learn How to Add RSS feed in Facebook Instant Articles 


How to add custom Ad placements.

In Wp Native Article dashboard you can see the placements option to add a new placement.

Native Articles Premium Plugin Free

Add placement name and select ad type. there are 4 types of placements

  1. Ad
  2. Custom Content
  3. Embed Video
  4. Related Articles

Select 1st type if you want to put ads only from one custom code that you added in ad settings.

Ad Types for Facebokk
If you have many different codes them select 2nd type. Select 3rd type if you want to embed a video and go for 4th type if you want to add a related article.

After the ad type chooses a position, Add placement after paragraph or words but do not add any ads top or bottom. Facebook policies do not allow ads on the top of an article.


Native Articles Pro Free Ads Setup

Click add placement and save It. You can create many placements with the same method.

  • Note: make sure you have added the correct RSS feed to the page for Wp Native Articles.
  • Do not add too many ad placements if your articles are too short.
  • Add long articles with proper paragraphs.

If you have any questions regarding Wp Native Articles you can Contact Us or Hire a Freelancer to integrate your custom Ads.



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