Facebook Payments on Hold

Facebook monetization tools allow publishers to make money from their content. There are different opportunities for different creators. Video creators get monetized with In-stream Ads. Blog, websites and Apps can be monetized with Audience Network. Gamers get fan support and earn money with stars.

Facebook releases content monetization payments on 21th of every month. Sometimes payment status shows “Hold” in Payout Hub. Today we will discuss Hold payments and guide you to release Hold payments.

Why are my Payments on Hold?

There are different reasons for Facebook to put a hold on payments. Mostly it asks for ID verification to release Hold payments. Sometimes you have to add your Tax form to get your payments.


Your earnings withheld by Facebook will be released when you upload the required documents.

How to release Hold Payments?

When you get a Hold status in your Payout Hub, You should immediately contact Facebook Payment Support to know the reason.
Once they tell you the reason, You should follow the instructions by Payment Support.

If they asked for ID verification you can upload your ID card in the support inbox message reply.


If the reason is Tax Form, you should upload it in payout settings. In payout settings, you can update the W-9 Tax Form and add details about your business.

Sometimes Payments are rejected by your bank, In this case, you can change your bank details in Payout settings and Payments will be released on the next Payout cycle ( next 21st of the month ).

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Understanding Facebook Payout Cycle

Facebook Minimum Payout threshold is 100$, If you have earned above100$ in a month, your earnings will be released next month. Next month you will get an invoice and statement of your earnings on the 11th of the month and payment status will show pending till the 21st of the month. On 21th of the month, You will get a Remittance email and the Payment status will show Paid.

Once It is paid, payments will arrive in your bank within 3 to 5 days depending on your bank. If you are using PayPal you will get your funds on the same day when released.






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