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The News Page Index is a foundational step to help us identify Facebook Pages that primarily publish news content. Any Facebook Page that primarily publishes news content is likely worth following for users interested in keeping up to date on current events. The News Page Index provides a comprehensive overview of all the pages that are publishing news content, making it easy for users to find and follow pages they’re interested in. Additionally, the index can be used as a tool to monitor how well pages are performing overall and identify any changes or shifts in editorial focus.

Benefits of Registering Your Facebook News Page

If you want to maximize the reach of your content and deepen your relationship with subscribers, registering your Facebook News Page is a great place to start. Here are just a few of the benefits:

You may get access to policies just for news publishers, such as an exemption from Facebook’s policy about social issues, elections, and political ads.

With the exception of registered news publishers, most Facebook users must authorize their use of the site before accessing certain features. However, there is a special exemption available to those who can meet additional criteria. This exemption, which is only available to registered publishers, allows access to policies just for news publishers. This means that Facebook will not require authorization for other types of content, such as posts from friends or pages. In order to be eligible for this exemption, a news publisher must agree to adhere to Facebook’s terms of service and privacy policy and have an active account with Facebook.

Your stories can appear in destinations for news on Facebook.

If you’re a qualified registered publisher and satisfy additional criteria, you may be eligible to have your stories appear in spaces on Facebook for newsfeed readers. The destinations vary depending on what type of publisher you are, but all of them require that your stories comply with Facebook’s policies. For example, if you’re a news organization, your stories must be based on real events and contain proper attribution. Additionally, your stories must be well-written and engaging to draw in readers. If all of these requirements are met, then Facebook will give you the green light to post your content.

You can guide the development of Facebook news products.

Publishers can join beta tests of our new products or features for news organizations. We’ll notify you when we’re ready to open the product to a wider audience.

You’ll help Facebook better understand news publishers’ needs and better serve the news industry at large.

As Facebook continues to grow as a platform for news distribution, the social media giant is relying on community registration data to help identify the full and diverse ecosystem of news Pages on its platform. In order to do this, Facebook has developed a special algorithm that distinguishes the work of news publishers from less-established Pages by analyzing factors such as engagement rates and unique followers. By registering your Page with Facebook, you can help ensure that your page is properly classified and receives the necessary attention from Facebook staff.

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Requirements for News Page Index Registration

Since the inception of the News Page Index in early 2018, applications from Pages dedicated to individual journalists have been rejected. In order to be eligible for inclusion on the News Page Index, Pages must adhere to a set of requirements that focus on providing content that is representative of all journalists, not just those who work for individual media outlets. To be considered, Pages must exhibit a high level of editorial judgment and provide content that is interesting and engaging to the general public. Additionally, pages should not be devoted exclusively to promoting the work or opinions of one particular journalist or media outlet.

To qualify for news Page registration, Pages must:

  • Publish in an eligible language
  • Publish as a news entity, not an individual, and reflect the judgment of a multi-person editorial staff
  • Primarily create journalism that reports on current events or timely information, and that is not parody or satire
  • Be active in the last 90 days
  • Have existed for at least 90 days
  • Link to a functioning website with a verified domain
  • Confirm its ownership and identity through business verification
  • Comply with our Community Standards, Pages Policy, and Platform Policy
  • Comply with our Advertising Policies and Monetisation Eligibility Standards, if the Page chooses to advertise or monetize
  • Have a name that reflects a relationship to its associated website or owning a business.
  • The majority of its posted links come from the website verified for news Page registration.

Additionally, content published by the Page should:

  • Cite and/or link to fact-based sources for published information
  • Include dates/timestamps
  • Provide transparent information about writers or editors (e.g. full names of writers in bios, or of writers and editors in a staff directory)
  • Not be user-generated or aggregated from other websites, primarily
  • Not have shared misinformation recently or repeatedly
  • Clearly distinguish news content from affiliate, promotional, advertising, and marketing content, so users can easily tell the difference. Additionally, advertising and promotional content should not exceed the amount of news content
  • We will also take into account the press freedom environment in which a publisher operates

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Registered as a News Page on Facebook

Get started


Add your website to your Facebook Page

The website should lead to the news content featured on your Page.


Verify your business

Business verification allows Meta to check the authenticity of an organization so Meta can grant it access to the features it needs. Business Manager administrators can do this in Business Manager.


Verify your website’s domain

Domain verification confirms that your news business has ownership of the domain listed on your Facebook Page. Business Manager administrators can do this in Business Manager.


Submit your application

Submission is just a few clicks in Business Manager. Business administrators who have access to the Page in Business Manager can submit an application.


Tell Meta more about your publication

Share optional information about your Pages, such as logos and editorial policies, to give people more background about the publishers and articles they see on Facebook.


Grant Meta access to your paywall content

For publishers with paywalls, your webmaster or the team managing your paywall will need to give access to the news content on your website as part of the review process.

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