Facebook has many features for publishers to monetize their content on the platform. There is monetization tools like Instream ads, Instant Articles, Brand Collabs Manager, Gaming Stars, Fan Subscriptions. In this article we will learn about Instant Articles.

What is Facebook Instant Articles?

Facebook Instant Articles are the lite cached version of a website or blog articles same like Google AMP. Facebook converts a blog post into Instant articles via RSS feed and API .

The converted version of post will not load any elements and scripts from blog. it only loads text and images from the website, Thats why it loads 10x faster then original blog post.


How Facebook Instant Articles Work?

Facebook hosts the article content on his own servers after fetching from website RSS feed. when a user share the link of blog post on Facebook, It will show as Instant articles and will be loaded faster. The Instant articles icon will be shown on the next of the post.

Icon for Instant Articles

Photo BBC

All big websites like BBC, CNN and TechCrunch etc using this amazing feature to give better experience to their audience.


Why Instant Articles ?

Instant Articles provides amazing user experience, loads faster in Facebook’s mobile App and Publishers can put Ads in articles to generate revenue from Audience Network Ads.

Here are the benefits for User, Publisher and Facebook Company.

  1. User will get 10x faster speed with Instant articles then a simple link posted on Facebook.
  2.  Publisher gets 70% Ad revenue by putting ads in articles.
  3.  Facebook cuts 30% Audience Network Ad revenue and also want to stay users on Platform because user reads articles on Facebook without redirecting to the website domain.

Instant Articles eligibility and requirements

Make sure your Facebook Page and Website meets the following requirements;

  • To connect your website with your page for Instant Articles you need a 90 days old page with no policy violation.
  •  Website must have a good presence on facebook and getting minimum 20k to 30k visitors monthly.

How to get started?

If you meet above eligibility criteria, you can simple apply from Facebook Creator Studio and get started.

Go to Creator Studio, Monetization overview and view eligibility of pages. Select and eligible page and accept terms and conditions and complete given steps.

If you are unable to apply, You can hire any Freelancer Or Join me on Fiverr. Feel free to leave your questions in comments below.





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