New way to recognize knowledgeable members now available in your group!

Starting today, a new way to recognize knowledgeable members as group experts is available for selected Facebook groups. This new role recognizes members who are knowledgeable about topics your group cares about.

Group experts are recognized with a Group Expert badge, making it easy for members to identify posts and comments from these well-informed contributors.


With this new badge, admins can collaborate with group experts to host Q&As, share perspectives on a topic, or respond to questions in the group. Admins have the ability to choose members who fit the purpose and culture of your group, and we are looking forward to hearing from you how group experts help drive vibrant conversations.

How to get Group Expert Badge ?

Only admins can choose which members become group experts, inviting them either from the member list or a member’s post. Once they accept, group experts will receive a badge that displays next to their name on their posts and comments in the group, as well as on their group profile.

Group experts will also be featured in the Experts section of the member list. To help you identify people who may be knowledgeable about a topic, you may receive suggestions of members who regularly post on the topic of the group across Facebook.


To remove someone from being a group expert, navigate to the member list, locate the member, and choose “Remove Group Expert” from the member menu.

To cancel a pending group expert invite, navigate to the member list, locate the member, and choose “Cancel Group Expert Invite” from the member menu.
For more information about this new role, read more in the community blog and learn more in the Help Center.


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