Facebook Admin Group Chats

Facebook previously launched messenger chat rooms and group chats for users. Now a separate group chat feature added for group admin and moderators.

Being able to quickly connect with your team ensures that your community continues to run smoothly. Part of effective communication is engaging with people at the right time in the right format. To help make it easier for you and your group to connect with each other in real time, Facebook re-introducing Chats. People will also be able to start, find and engage in Chats directly within the Facebook Group they’re a part of, rather than switching apps to Facebook Messenger.

This updated experience now includes “Admin and Moderator” Group chats to help make it easier for you and your moderators to communicate amongst yourselves.

So how does it work?

For a group that has more than one admin or moderator, admins or moderators of a group will see an option to create an “Admins & Moderators” chat thread that is only visible to admins and moderators.

Once created, only admins & moderators will be able to view and chat in that thread.
Admins and moderators are automatically enrolled in notifications for this “Admin & Moderator” only chat, but can turn notifications off in the chat thread.


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