How to get verified on Facebook with a blue badge

Do you wish to get a verified blue badge on Facebook for your profile or page? Well, you are in right place to know how to get it.

What is a Facebook verified badge?

Meta’s widely used platform Facebook is easily accessible to all. Therefore, it is known more for fake identities and scam pages. Hence, Facebook comes forward with a verified badge. The blue badge appears next to a page or a person that shows one’s authenticity. It helps the audience to know they are connecting with the right brand, creator, page or public figure and are not following something or someone fake.


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What is the eligibility criteria for the badge?

Earlier, the verification was only available to globally popular faces and products. Now, the verification badge is available to a wider audience. Facebook offers verification badges to pages and profiles that meet their Terms of Service and Community Standards. For this reason, the account must belong to a well-known person or brand. In either case, complete useful information must be given on the page or profile.

What steps should be followed to get the badge?

If your page or profile fulfils the criteria, follow the given steps:

  •  Log into your account on Facebook.
  • Click the given link here.
  •  A form page appears. Fill out the form with complete and authentic information and then click send.
  •  You will get a notification from Facebook reviewing your request.

The procedure takes 2 to 45 days to reply. In case of rejection, you can re-apply 30 days later.


We see the verification badge being offered on different social platforms helps us to connect with the right people and the right pages. It distracts the audience from being misled and helps secure the identity of creators and brands.


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